Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mom moment

I really, really, really wanted to knock out 5 little errands today. I knew I could get it done FAST if I was alone. So I left Owen with Dave around 11 and set out to get stuff done. I was so happy! I was thinking: "The sun is shining! I can walk fast! I can use both hands!"

By my second stop, I'm noticing all the moms with cute little kids in their carts. No problem. I can complete errands lightning-fast.

Third stop: grocery store. Just need a couple things. But I grab a cart. Why?!? Could have done it with a basket. Out of habit I guess. And I put down the baby seat. Again, out of habit. And then I realize have no little guy to put in the little seat! I miss him! I've run 2.5 errands and I already miss him.

So I got my grocery shopping done (lightning fast) and came straight home to Owen. It wouldn't be a normal weekend if it didn't end with half of what I wanted to do un-accomplished!

Friday, February 22, 2013


This is from a while ago. Owen was playing with padee and scooted his feet in between mine. :)


Sorry you have to look at mommy in her pajamas, but these are just too funny not to post. Owen looooves to brush his teeth! Does not want me to help though.