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concerts on the square with baby!

Owen attended his first Concerts on the Square with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra last Wednesday. This is the thing to do on Wednesday nights in the summer in Madison. This week, we were invited to a rooftop reception with our friends which was great so we could duck into the air conditioning from time to time. Unfortunately, Owen's first concert was the WCO with an ABBA tribute band...I'm kind of glad he won't remember being exposed to an ABBA cover band as his inaugural live music experience!

first Concert on the Square first time at Concerts on the Square

first dinner out

Last night we had dinner at Olivia to celebrate our friends the Gardners daughter's baptism. Here's Owen hanging out at dinner with his buddy Ben.

out to dinner with his buddy Ben at Olivia

Owen was a very good boy at dinner. He didn't make a peep! He sat in his car seat, but then it got very hot in the restaurant, so he fussed a little. I took him out of the seat and held him for the rest of dinner. It was a lot of fun to share a meal with Katie, Steve, and Hazel's families!

first dinner out - Olivia restuarant in Madison

play mat discoveries

Owen was playing on his mat and spit up so I picked him up to clean up the spitup. When I finished, I looked over and he had grabbed the arm of the mat and was sucking the head of a nearby giraffe!



Friday, July 22, 2011

an owen moment

This video captures a very "Owen" moment - looking excitedly at black and white pictures, flailing his arms and legs, and of course, hiccuping.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Look who decided to join us!

Owen Robert Bell, born 7/7/11 at 1:19am, 6 pounds, 10 ounces
Photo courtesy of (Grandpa) Rich Cox.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

homage a jetta

Goodbye, Jetta! We loved you! Sorry we had to trade you in for a bigger car, but you were just too tiny! Unfortunately, what I loved most about you - your compact size - was the reason we had to give you up. You were such a good car to us!

We drove you all the way from North Carolina  to Maine. (Dave and Jetta outside the Highbrook Motel in Bar Harbor.)

Highbrook Motel
And then on to Canada where you rode on a ferry. (Here she is on the Deer Island ferry from Campobello Island.)

the Jetta on the Deer Island Ferry

You brought our kitties safely to Madison, and back to NC again for Christmas when we packed the car full of cats and Christmas presents.
Our travel set-up for the trip from NC to WI

There were lots of smaller adventures along the way, too. Thanks for the memories, Jetta, it was a great ride!

chronicles of waiting for a baby

More summer fun while waiting...

FRIDAY: Saw Super 8 the movie - loved it!

SATURDAY: Celebrated the Fourth of July at the Terrace with friends - loved it even more!

4th of July celebration at the Terrace