Thursday, June 30, 2011

concerts on the square

I forgot to blog about what we did last night! It was the first night of the 2011 Concerts on the Square. The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra gives 6 summer outdoor concerts on Wednesday nights outside on the lawn surrounding the Capitol. Kind of on a whim Dave and decided to head down there. The weather has just been too pretty to stay inside in the evenings! I'm glad we went because Concerts on the Square was the place to be in Madison. We even ran into some friends while we were there! Picnic dinner, great music, relaxing atmosphere, and perfect weather. It was lovely! And it doesn't hurt that it stays light here until 9:30 at night.

I'm glad we did a test run before we have a baby. Note to selves for next time: bring quarters (the metered parking ramps are in the best location) and get serious about our picnic gear! Everyone had these cute little tables and tablecloths and real picnic baskets. Went home and immediately used a Crate and Barrel gift card from Christmas (thanks, Mom!) to order a "table in a bag" and little folding chairs so we can fit in with all the serious picnickers.

supper club

Just got back from dinner at a Wisconsin supper club called Toby's. What is a supper club? Hard to describe. Think fish fry, dark wood paneling, cheap drinks, relish tray, friendly people...  I guess it's an old-fashioned upper midwest thing. You start with drinks at the bar and that's where the waitress takes your order. She doesn't seat you until your food and table are both ready. Anyway, the food hit the spot. I read aloud from the menu that every meal comes with rolls, salad, relish tray, and potato. Dave's response? "Solid."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

waiting for Owen

We're at the point where we are waiting for Owen. But we found ourselves just sitting around at night talking to my belly, shining flashlights on my belly...and we realized that this is weird. we're just going about our lives and trying to get out and do something fun every night.

Of course we've been hitting up the Terrace:
Tuesday night at the Terrace

We took in a free Cuban music concert at the Olbrich Botanical Gardens:
Free concert at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

We've been hangin' with friends at the Capital Brewery Bier Garten:

Had a spontaneous late-night dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Sardine:

On tap for the coming days: dinner at a real Wisconsin supper club, more Terrace, fireworks, Super 8 the's fun to wait for a baby to arrive!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

baby shower in madison

Our friends, Rich and Martha (of the Madtown Carolina basketball-watching crew), threw us a baby shower today at their home in Madison. Our yoga and bocce friends came too! It was a beautiful day and an awesome time was had by all. We're so lucky to already know so many great people in Madison and be able to call them our friends.

baby shower cake!
Gardners! Zach and Rich puzzling it out Elizabeth, Martha, and baby Maddie Pat and Georgia Matt and Baby Maddie Jay and Clara Rachel, Steve, Zach, Elizabeth, and babies! j & d, baby shower in Madison, 36 weeks and 3 days

Monday, June 6, 2011

bocce at the east side club

Tonight was the first night of our bocce league at the East Side Club in Madison! I only had my iPhone with me, but I'll get better pictures soon.

The club is right on Lake Monona. If you look closely, you can see the Capitol across the lake.

The East Side Club, Madison

Here's our team - team Oops!
Bocce Team, first week!

And here's the cheering squad!

Babies and Bocce
It was lots of fun - great weather and amazing breezes off the lake. Monday nights this is where we'll be all summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

erin visits!

Erin came to visit us in Madison last weekend! This was her second trip up here. Her first time was in December during our first snow. We took her back to the Terrace hoping that we could enjoy a summer night there. Unfortunately it was kind of chilly and we got rained out, but it was still better than last time she was here...

Erin's visit to Madison in December 2010:
Jen and Erin, Memorial Union Terrace, UW-Madison

Erin's visit in May, 2011 in the same place!
Jennie and Erin

Thanks for coming, Erin! Someday, I'm going to take you to the Terrace and the weather will be amazing!

summer in madison

Spring didn't last long and it seems like we're officially onto summer!

Lake Mendota Sunset


Right after Dave wrapped up the Wisconsin Idea bus tour, we flew to NYC. This was a work trip for me that we extended for a couple days into a fun trip!

I know everyone's done the Rockefeller Center thing...
rockefeller center 2
dave at 30 rock
33 weeks at 30 Rock

...but has anyone else hung out at Bryant Park?
Bryant Park

It's right behind the library and so pretty -
Bryant Park/NYC Library

-also has an outdoor cafe and carousel and fountain -
Dave at Bryant Park Cafe

Great place to hang out outside! We ate at the little cafe - I had lemonade and awesome seafood ceviche and was in heaven!

And we had a couple of celebrity sightings-
-Went to Upright Citizens Brigade and saw Gabe from The Office!
-Took the NBC tour and saw Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon rehearsing for the Saturday Night Live finale!