Saturday, July 31, 2010

new beginnings

Today's the day! Dave and I start driving towards our new home in Madison, WI this morning, so I figured this is the right time to start a new adventure in blogging as well. Welcome to our blog! You're probably wondering why I chose this strange blog name. Well, here's then story.

In 2006, about a year after we returned to NC from Cincinnati, we went canoeing on the Haw River. We were paddling along and I saw this sign that said "Mandatory Portage - Take Out Now". Our guide explained the sign means it's a place where you can't paddle along as usual anymore. You've got to get out of the water, lift up your canoe and walk through the woods carrying the thing until it's okay to re-enter safe waters. I was thrilled that we weren't having to do that, but I thought the words sounded so cool and I remembered them.

I feel like Dave and I are going through our own mandatory portage right now. Moving to Madison is an unexpected, but required change in plans. A detour through the canoeing trip of life. A change in direction that will lead us to new and exciting places. It works, right?!? Work with me here!

My cheesy and overdone paddling metaphor is also fitting since Madison has five lakes - four within the city limits - and has tons of canoeing/paddling/boating/anything water-related.

So there you have it! Thanks for joining us! We're glad you're along for the ride!