Monday, January 21, 2013

family photos

I thought we had forgotten to take a family photo on Christmas Eve! Then I uploaded the photos from my camera and found these! HA!

christmas in madison 2012

Dave and I were so thrilled to host Christmas at our house this year! Christmas in Madison Twenty Twelve was so much fun. I hope everyone comes back next year for Christmas in Madison 2013!

Here is a totally out-of-order hodge podge of Christmas memories!

Bald eagle soaring over our house on Christmas Day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

december pre-christmas recap

This is a long one, so hang in there!

So, before all the family arrived for Christmas, we...

met Santa and Mrs. Claus,

brought home our Christmas tree, 

and then read some books by it,

made some Christmas decorations,

sat for a photo shoot,

hung out with our friends,

played in the snow,

(He's better about wearing mittens now, I promise!)

laughed a lot,

got grouchy a couple times,

rocked a super cute little outfit,

attended a Christmas party

cleaned house,

played with legos at Barnes and Noble,

went to another Christmas party,

read some more,

snuggled on the new couch, 

read some more,

watched the snow fall,

and then shoveled it and watched it fall again and shoveled it some more!