Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the broken leg chronicles

The day before Valentine's Day, Owen fractured his leg. It was a strange incident at the top of the little "nursey gym" slide at his daycare. He was running up the steps of the slide and his left leg slipped our from under him when he got to the top. he fell on it funny and when he tried to stand his leg collapsed underneath him. Of course we weren't there to see it, so this is all based on the teacher's description. Long story short, he's been in a cast for a month. it comes off Friday morning. We can't wait!

First thing's first. Here is Owen, just a few days after breaking his leg, right where it happened! Not scared of the slide for one second.

The site of the accident

Ok, rewind. Here he is back on 2/13 - still at pediatrician between x rays and diagnosis. Everyone still thinks it's a sprained foot.

Between x rays and diagnosis
He fell asleep on the way to the hospital...
Conked out at American Children's Hospital

...and slept through getting the cast put on.
Casting - slept through the whole thing

Back home, he didn't want to walk or crawl or anything, but was pretty happy considering!
Back home and time for night night...what a day

Next morning, not as happy. : (
First morning with the cast

Lots of BIG naps those first few days. Couple days of two 3-hour naps, even!

3 hour naps - twice in one day!

Finally found a way to get comfortable with "pad-ee."
Finally found a way to get comfortable with the cast

He started crawling the evening of the day after! So, the night of the 14th. 

Crawling made him SUPER happy.

More sincere smile, here - loves to read

That first week was hard. I broke out the baby carrier again. He did not want to be put down!

Breaking out the baby carrier

But it wasn't all bad!

having fun

Walking videos to come!