Tuesday, January 24, 2012

playing catch up

As of mid-February, I just completed 5 work trips in 4 weeks. PHEW! Feeling like I've kind of fallen of the face of the earth, but now I'm back!
I'll go ahead and back date these posts so they are still in chronological order.

Want to see pictures from Christmas and New Year's? Go here.

On to January! 

Owen joined me on a work trip to NC!

Talking to his new friends in the row behind us.
Waiting to receive his third pair of Delta wings!
Uncle Andy was nice enough to share his lobster with Owen.
Aunt Jacquie and Owen surfing the web.
Walking in the woods of ELG with Nona.
Loving Uncle Andy.

3 hour layover in Cincinnati? No problem, I've got my blocks!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winter glow

Saw a beautiful sunset this evening as I was driving home after picking up Owen from daycare. Wish I could have captured a better picture of it.